Rackspace Now Serving Raspberry Pi in the Cloud

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tarte-a-la-framboiseSAN ANTONIO, TEXAS – Open source cloud service provider,Rackspace, has announced the immediate availability of servers based on the popular Raspberry Pi single-board computer, despite the fact that many have questioned the wisdom of deploying a relatively low-power machine designed for the education/hobbyist market as an enterprise platform.

Rackspace SVP of Infrastructure Services, Klee Kleber defends the decision, “They’re cheap, they’re open. Have you seen how popular they are online?” In response to questions about expected performance metrics, Kleber deflected the issue, noting instead,  “The whole cloud thing as a business has taken the commodity route way before anyone expected it would.  Frankly, we’re tired of having our butts kicked by Amazon and Microsoft.  We had to do something cool before Google jumps in”.

Interestingly, a Google spokesperson when asked whether the newest candidate for global cloud leadership plans to match Rackspace’s new offering, looked perplexed and said, simply, “Why?”.

Photo credit: Simon-And-You / Foter.com / CC BY-SA

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