Russian Scientists Develop 3D Printed 100% Animal-Based Substitute For Tofu

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A team of Russian Food Scientists has perfected a commercially viable 3D printed substitute for Tofu consisting of 100% animal-based ingredients.  The product, which will be known commercially as Nofu, contains a proprietary blend of proteins, bindings and flavorings all derived from the animal kingdom.  The product is wheat-free, peanut-free, gluten-free and hypoallergenic. Similar to the polymer “inks” utilized by most commercial 3D printing rigs today, the raw Nofu production stock is delivered in blocks, strips, or reels.   The offerings include a shelf-stable variety for use in extreme climactic conditions and/or mobile operations.

“The critical success factor here is the process; the ingredients are purely incidental,” claimed Yuri Testikov, VP Product Development for Stavuit, the company that is bringing Nofu to market.  “Of course we are always low-carb, low-glycemic but we can be organic, kosher, halal, pretty much anything but vegan.”

Analysts predict a sharp rise in the surrogate meat substitute (SMS) market over the next 3 years: a 25.5% CAGR according to Tamara Swyne of PEEDA (People for the Ethical Eating of Delicious Animals).  “It’s natural that the SMS uptake in emerging nations is based on price points, but we were surprised at the projected growth being fueled by anti-veggie sentiments in the US, UK, and Australian markets,” noted Swyne “The ability to create custom product on such a small scale could increase those numbers dramatically”

As with all food products, success or failure is largely determined by taste.  How does Nofu fare as dining fare? “I can assure you of one thing, it does not taste like chicken” smirked Testikov “Unless, of course, you want it to.”

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